Who we are?

Uber tiny homes is a construction company based in Byron bay Australia that designs and constructs tiny homes.

We aspire to create well thought out spaces with practical ergonomics and beautiful aesthetics. We believe you don't need a lot of space to live.

You just need a well thought out space. Add some modern finishes tastefully selected and built by craftsman to create a sanctuary to relax, create or just be.

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Our Tiny House Plans

Casa del amor tiny home

10.3m (33'9") long 3m (9'10") wide 3.7m (12"1") high on top of the trailer

Casa del amor is a double loft tiny house with a office and super cosy lounge and kitchen area. 

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Patara tiny home.

9.6M (31.4FT) long plus window box

3M (9.84FT) wide

3.75m (12.3ft) high on top of trailer

This double loft tiny house is one of our most popular with its slick looking appearance and super practical features its no surprise.

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La Familia

9.6m  (31.6 ft) long plus window box 

2.5m wide (8.2ft)

and 3.7 high (12.1ft) high on top of trailer

This design has 3 bedrooms plus an office all packed into this high functioning tiny house.

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6M (19.7ft) long

2.5m (8.2ft) wide

3m (9.8ft) High on top of trailer.

This Bebe has been designed to suit short stays like a airbnb rental for people wanting to generate income form there property. 

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Patara Rv

2.5m (8.2ft) wide

8.4m (27.6 ft) long plus window box

3.7m (12.1) high on top of trailer.

This design is a double loft tiny house based on our other popular model "Patara" but made to Rv standards.

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Paddys spanish casa

8.4m  (27.5ft) long

3050mm (10ft) wide

3.7m (12.1ft) high on top of trailer.

This single bedroom tiny house has been influenced by spanish aesthetics and would make a great home for a couple or single person.

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9.6m (31.4ft) long

3m (9.8ft) wide

3.8m (12.4ft) high on top of trailer.

This unique design has flipped the standard loft layout of a tiny house be doing whats called a reverse loft.The lounge room is upstairs and the bed is downstairs.

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Yin Yang

3m (9.8ft) wide

8.4m (27.5ft) long plus 900mm (2.9ft) window box

3.65m (11.9ft) high on top of trailer.

This double loft tiny house has been very popular over the years with its unique layout and great features including a double story window box seat.

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3.45m (11.3ft) high on top of trailer

6.5m (21.3ft) long plus 450mm (1.4ft) window box

2.5m (8.2ft) wide

Naturo is a very cute tiny house designed for one person to live in full time or an air bnb cabin for short stays.

It was particularly designed for the European market with height restrictions of 4m

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El Reverso Rv

2.5m (8.2ft) wide

9.6m (31.4ft) long

3.7m  (12.1ft) high on top of trailer.

This design is a variation of its larger version "El reverso" only its been made to Rv road dimensions.

As the name suggests this house has a reverse loft so the sleeping is downstairs and the lounge room is upstairs.

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