Watch "20 steps to build a tiny house" webinar to see which build method best suits you.

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We teach people how to build tiny houses

There are four main ways to build a tiny house that we have courses for.

1-Using a timber frame

2-Using a metal frame

3-Using Sip panel frame

4-As a project manager (off the tools)



We have been building tiny houses for years using all three methods and refined the process to a clear easy to follow system.

We also have a project manger course so that you can still DIY without even picking up a single tool.



7 Years of building tiny houses and refining the process.

I had been working as a carpenter since 2009 so when I built my first tiny house in 2016 it was not something completely outside of my comfort zone. Although I quickly realised there was still a lot to learn as tiny houses had some unique challenges. After making my own business Uber Tiny Homes I began to refine the process and create systems with each build so my houses look amazing and are as easy to build as possible making them more profitable and stress free to build.

Be systematic and simplify

All whilst retaining aesthetics and comfort in the design. Building can require craftsmanship skills if your system is not simple. This can also blow out budgets when building, so I quickly realised once I started up Uber tiny homes that I needed a much easier system to make profit and to teach my workers. 

Are you handy with tools?

Now I'm not going to lie, If your going to go our DIY route and build it yourself you will need to be reasonably handy with the tools. Although there's a big difference between being reasonably handy and a skilled tradesman or craftsman like a lot of other systems require. 

For those of you that are not very handy on the tools we have a Project manager course that still saves you 20-30% of the cost just by organising the build using your local tradesman.

Sharing all the tricks of the trade.

Years of building tiny houses has taught me so much and im now sharing my secrets and step by step instructions with you ensuring your build comes out amazing and with less headaches.


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 Join Uber Tiny School

and learn to build your very own tiny house saving you tens of thousands of dollars off each build and learning life changing skills.


Three courses

can be purchased separately with each course having detailed video lessons as well as pdfs or spreadsheets.

1- Timber and steel frame tiny house course. 

Learn to build with timber and steel with over 92 video lessons and counting as we add new content with our builds.

Timber and steel frame tiny houses share the same system of building only with a timber frame house you build the frame and with steel we pre-order it made. Thats why we have included them together. Although the pros and cons of building with each differ quite a lot which we go over inside the school.




2-SIP panel course 

Learn to build with this amazing less known method that is lightweight, mould proof and easy to DIY. We have 76 detailed video lessons and counting as we add new content with our builds.

SIPs or sandwhich panels are designed perfectly for tiny houses because of their unique properties. The build system we have developed is also unique and very easy to DIY your own tiny house. Its the cheapest,easiest method by a long shot.



3-Project manager course.

This course will show you how to organise your tiny house build without picking up a single tool yourself. The idea of this course is to give you maximum results with minimum effort. Most people don't have time to learn to build or even study a long course. This course gives you what you need to know to make your job happen from start to finish without doing the physical work yourself but still saving 20-30% off the cost.

 It includes information packs that can be given to your trades to bridge the gap of residential building which they are familiar with and tiny house building.



Micro skills and systems take out the overwhelm!

Building to some seems like magic, in that it looks so complicated and hard that some are very impressed with the builder at the end of the job. Us builders get it all the time from our clients that are very thankful and in awe of what we do.

But theres a secret to building which is actually the secret to learning many so called complex task and that is to break it down into micro skills.

Once you combine numerous easy to learn micro skills together you can easily achieve something that seems very complex and hard to perform. 

The way I build and teach here is very much like that, except Its more about knowledge than it is skill. If im completely honest im not that skilled at carpentry, really it was never my thing, I cant do any fine carpentry work that requires high level skill. But i can build very beautiful tiny homes with my knowledge and application of micro skills.

Building is all about layers!

One layer on top of another layer, first you build a frame then you put brace ply on that, then moisture wrap and then cladding and window trims. The skill to do each task is really not that hard, whats important is having forethought so that one layer does not effect another layer in a negative way.

For example if your frame studs are bowed and you don't straighten them, when you go to install the wall lining maybe it will be hard to line the joins up. Then when you put the cabinets on the walls they will not sit flush causing more problems. So you have a problem that actually started at the beginning of the job but the negative effect was not known until much later when its hard to fix because the builder did not have the forethought.

What you need to know 

So the important lesson here and approach to building is to make sure you know all the steps to building your house BEFORE you even start. If your unsure about step 20 but start anyway then you wont know if what your doing now will effect step 20 when you get to it. So you must be able to think ahead. This is the biggest skill of a builder but really it's not a skill its knowledge. 


This knowledge is much easier and quicker to learn than it is to develop high level trade skills and thats why im confident in teaching people my systems how to DIY there own tiny house. 


If you purchase the course from this page you are going to get a few bonuses absolutely free.


1- A free tiny house plan from one of our designs valued at $100 Us


2- A copy of our ebook ‘Mold free tiny homes’


3- Free entry into our community forum so you can ask question and get support.




A little about the course creator

Samuel Commerford built his first tiny house in 2016 after working as a carpenter for several years. 

This led him to start his own business, Uber Tiny Homes, where he designs and builds custom tiny houses for clients around the world. 

In 2021, Samuel launched Uber Tiny School to teach others how to build tiny homes themselves.

Samuel’s passion for tiny houses comes from his love of living a simplistic and purposeful life. He believes that simplicity doesn’t equal sacrifice—it simply reduces distractions and minimises unnecessary overindulgences. For Samuel, a tiny house lifestyle is just one piece of the puzzle to living a joyous life of peace and freedom.

Reducing our footprint on this earth and taking care of our environment are very important issues that we all must address while occupying space here. Let's do everything we can to leave this place as beautiful and as green as possible for generations to come.

When Samuel isn’t building tiny houses he’s studying and practising flamenco guitar or meditating.


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