Variation Erica

Yin yang tiny house


  •  8.4m long
  • 2.5m wide
  • 4.3m high



2X Queen size beds

Frame method

High quality SIP panel construction using our unique Uber method.


$170k (au) turn key

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We have been building tiny homes in Australia since 2016 and refined our build system to ensure utmost quality.

Quality materials

We use high quality materials and build methods to make our houses stand above the competition.


We can work with you to customise your house to suit your specific needs. All designing is done in house.


We have teamed up with a leading finance provider in Australia that welcomes tiny houses finance

Qualified tradesman

Our tradesman are qualified and passionate about building the best tiny house for you.

Building science

We have delved into the building science and how your home reacts with the environment to ensure its a mould free healthy home.


We put in effort to make your home stylish and beautiful so that living inside it makes you feel the same.

Quality over Quantity

This is our motto, we are not your average cookie box cutter builders, We build high end tiny homes to last a lifetime.

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This model has two up stairs lofts for sleeping or alternatively the second loft is a office or recreation space. Both lofts have a standing walkway between them.

The main loft bedroom has room for a queen size bed and has a wrap around walkway and storage cupboards at the end. 

The second loft has optional cupboard space at the end and its also optional to have another window for cross ventilation.

The bathroom has room for a 2 person shower if desired and  features our new slide out toilet feature to maximise space.

There is also cupboard space for a vacuum or ironing board and space for a washer and dryer stacked one above the other.

Lounge room can be left open for your own couch or  built in cabinets with storage draws below.

Lounge can also be made bigger than picture by making fridge smaller as pictured design has large pigeon pair fridge opening.

Kitchen has ample bench space and includes oven, cooktop sink and optional extra dishwasher draw.

Large window can also be gas strut opening with retractable fly screen as optional extra.

Exterior can be a combination of architectural grade metal siding and weathertex or cedar and you can customise the layout of the two.

Our Trailers are superior.

Our trailers are made to the highest standards after 6 years of trial and error and considering its the foundation of your home it pays to make sure its been done right.

We have a unique system to allow insulation of the subfloor between the members and drainage of condensation that occurs from the metal members sweating. We also use xps foam on top of the metal members to prevent thermal bridging into your home.

Featuring a 5mm thick chassis wall to prevent bowing. We also have as an optional extra custom made jack stands that can handle the weight of a tiny home and make height adjustments easily using a bottle jack as standard legs can only hold the weight but struggle to lift it.

Watch video on how we construct our trailers


Our lighting is next level!

As a standard inclusion we use premium 24v dimmable strip lighting on all our houses. This is so that you can have complete control of the lighting and mood of your home without irratating down lights shining in your face.


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