We are now sharing our passion for building tiny houses with our online courses.

Over the years we have created a simple streamlined process for building tiny houses and are now investing a lot of our time and effort into teaching them to everybody interested. This will include timber frame, steel frame and sip panel frame.

We also are making a course on how to be a owner builder and just organise all the trades without picking up a single tool yourself saving you tens of thousands.


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Who we are

Uber tiny homes is a construction company based in Byron bay Australia that designs and constructs tiny houses. We aspire to create well thought out spaces with practical ergonomics and beautiful aesthetics. We believe you don't need a lot of space to live. You just need a well thought out space. Add some modern finishes tastefully selected and built by craftsman to create a sanctuary to relax, create or just be.

Why go tiny?

Tiny house living has many positives in the world today. A big driving factor is the cost and housing and reluctance of people wanting to enslave themselves into massive debt. Another is minimising our footprint on the enviroment not taking more than we need. Another great reason to go tiny is simply the joy you get from living an uncluttered life grounded in simplicity and mindfulness. Theres so many great reasons ! and lucky for you reading this you have found a great resource to start this journey.

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