Learn to build tiny houses like a pro with our step by step system.

After building tiny houses for years we have refined our system to a easy to follow process that brings amazing results. Combined with our builders support forum success is guaranteed!

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the 20 steps to build a tiny house.

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Save money

Building your own tiny house will save you tens of thosands of dollars between 30-50%

Uber system

Our system has been refined and tested over years of building tiny houses.

Builders community.

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Whats needed when building your tiny home?

Forethought is essential when building a tiny house as you must always be thinking multiple steps ahead. Construction works in layers with each layer effecting one another.

Having a good system with a step by step process makes forethought so much easier and stress free.

Take control of your life and get out of the rat race.

Its easy in modern life to fall into debt, running on the rat wheel struggling to keep your head above water financially.

One Solution? S i m p l i f y

A tiny house is a good start in the right direction to freeing up your time and bringing your expenses under control,spending more time doing the things your passionate about.

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20 Steps to build a tiny house.