Uber Tiny School

We endevour to teach you how to create your own beautiful tiny home, saving yourself tens of thousands of dollars and developing life changing skills.

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Save money

Save tens of thousands of dollars building your own tiny house up to 30-50% off.

Live simply

Tiny house living means more spare time to pursue your passions and live a more meaningful life rooted in simplicity and mindfulness.

learn skills

Building your own tiny house is an exciting journey that will change you for the better by developing skills and confidence in your capabilties

Join the community

Our builder community page comes free with entry into Uber Tiny School so you wont have to tackle your build alone. Ask for advice, share ideas and your build journey with fellow builders.

Uber Tiny School

Your Tiny house dream is possible and its in your hands. Get the knowledge and support you need to build your dream step by step


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