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Uber Tiny School

We endevour to teach you how to build your own tiny house from scratch. After years of building tiny houses I have refined my process to what works best is easiest to do and looks amazing and now im sharing all i have learnt.



Uber Tiny school contains 78 lessons and counting as we add more content and get feedback from students. 

We have documented every step of the way as we built a timber frame tiny house from start to finish.

We will also be adding steel frame modules to the school free for all members as we document our current steel frame build.


When to join?

We recommend watching all the content from start to finish well before your build starts so that you start on the right foot and have the correct forethought when building.

so 3-6 months before your start date is a good idea.

You also get lifetime access to all the content so there is no rush.         



Support forum

Free access to our support forum comes with every purchase so you can ask questions and get the support you need along the way.

Sometimes you will have questions and need some advice as every build is different depending on your design and materials used.

Or maybe you just want to share your handy work with likeminded tiny house builders.


A little about me.

My name is Samuel Commerford and im the designer and builder at Uber Tiny Homes.

I originally worked as a carpenter in residential construction building homes. After seeing a tiny house online, I built one for myself and from there Uber Tiny Homes was born.

fast forward 6 years later and I have learnt a wealth of knowledge and learnt many lessons building tiny homes and now I am sharing it with all my students at Uber tiny school.

How hard is it to build a tiny house?

Some people overestimate how hard it is to build a tiny house and some underestimate how much work is involved.

The truth is its like most things in life, once you know how then its really not that hard but if your not prepared your going to get your butt kicked.

Although the bridge from not knowing to knowing can be a long one or a short one.

There are many ways to build tiny houses using different techniques and materials. Some require more skill and craftsmanship than others.

Over the last 6 years I have focused on building tiny houses that don't require craftsman ship level skills but still look amazing.

 "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication " leonardo da vinci

So if you want to learn from all my experience and cross the short bridge to becoming a tiny house builder than join me at Uber tiny school and lets have a blast!

Learn to build like this



Uber Tiny School

  • Life time access for every member.
  • Detailed videos going through each step of the build.
  • Community forum to ask questions and get the support you need.
  • Build yourself save 30-50% of build cost thats over $50k on average.
  • Sale price will not be repeated.


If you would like a more in depth look at whats inside the school watch our 1 hour webinar '20 steps to build a tiny house'

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