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Samuel Commerford, Founder

Uber Tiny Homes

Byron Bay, Australia


Do you want to build a tiny house without paying the hefty price tag you’d be charged by most professional builders?


You should DIY! If you’re handy with tools you can learn to build it yourself or you can be the project manager who organise the trades for your project.


What’s the secret?


Follow a systematic process, like the Uber Tiny System, that has been developed and refined after years of building tiny homes. No more guessing and no more confusion. Don't get intimidated by the booming construction industry. Follow our system to run a smooth job from start to finish and build an amazing tiny home on budget.


Tiny houses construction is not the same as residential home construction.


Seven years ago I started my own tiny house journey and built my first home. I was a residential carpenter so it wasn’t completely new to me; but I still had a lot to learn. Eventually, I started a business — Uber Tiny Homes — and after plenty of trial and error I learnt to simplify the process, including organising tradespeople to build my homes.


Keep your system simple.


Things didn't always run so smoothly. There have always been important lessons to learn along the way. One of those lessons was to keep it simple! As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 


Building doesn't have to be complex when you have the right system in place.The biggest challenge is building a tiny home in the most affordable way whilst still creating that amazing comfortable feeling inside.


Learn the correct way.


Many DIY builds I see also happen to be built incorrectly — particularly when it comes to ensuring structural stability and moisture prevention to protect against mould. This is where most tiny houses face challenges compared to standard residential construction.


What’s required of a tiny house project manager?


Learning to be a tiny house project manager doesn’t means you need to be handy with tools. Instead you need to know how to organise your tradespeople, ultimately to create a beautiful looking and high performing tiny house on budget. You can do this using our Uber Build System.


Now, this doesn’t mean you won’t be working or putting in the effort. You will certainly be doing that as a tiny house project manager. If you thought otherwise, and if you’d prefer otherwise, you might as well just fork over the cash to a professional builder and let him do all the work and the worrying. But if you aren’t afraid of learning something new and overcoming challenges then building your own tiny house becomes a very achievable task without even breaking a sweat


What is the Uber Build System?


Our proprietary Uber Build System can be applied to a timber frame system, a steel frame or SIP panel frame houses. You can do this while remaining creative in your design aesthetics throughout your building project.In fact, we encourage you to explore your creative side! 


Here are some amazing results you can expect to achieve using our Uber Build System:


Get The Tiny House Project Manager + 2 free bonuses

For just $8.95

  1. A Digital Copy of the Tiny house project manager.
  2. A Digital Copy of our trailer design guide that we use to build our trailers.
  3. A Digital Copy of a tiny house plan 'Naturo' Designed by Uber Tiny Homes. ($100 value)



Bonus #1:

Trailer design guide.

A guide for trailer manufacturers on how to build our trailers at Uber Tiny Homes. 


Tiny house trailers

 There are many ways to build a tiny house trailer — some are certainly better than others, especially when it comes to deciding on your tie down and sub floor system.


What do we do?

 Uber Tiny Homes prefers to maximise space by using flat tray trailers — the wheel arches don’t protrude into the floor space, which gives that much more freedom with design choices.



 Trailer height is one of the most important factors to consider when building a tiny house. The lower your trailer the taller your build can be!


Subfloor system

 A tiny home’s subfloor system to eliminate condensation is critical to limit thermal bridging from the trailer into the wall frames and floor inside the house.


These are just some of the factors we consider when building our trailers. Give this guide to your trailer manufacturer, walk them through measurements, you’re done!


Get Uber Tiny Homes’ Trailer Design Guide for FREE when you purchase Tiny Tiny House Project Manager. 


But wait! There’s more!

Get This Guide on how to get your tiny house trailer built the Uber way ! NO COST With Today’s Order !

Bonus #2:

 Tiny house plan 'Naturo'

A single loft tiny house designed for a single person, student or even Airbnb rental.

Naturo ($100 value), a popular Uber Tiny Homes building plan

A single loft tiny house designed for one person. It’s the perfect living space for a student or even as an Airbnb rental.

Sold on our website for $100, this cute tiny house design is a best-seller among our customers. At 6.5 metres (21.3 feet) long by 2.5 metres (8.2 feet) wide, this compact casa might sound small, but it’s still big enough to live in as a primary home or for shorter stays.

Great first Build

Naturo is the perfect plan to follow for your first tiny home project. And it's yours for free when you purchase the Tiny House Project Manager

You can also purchase any of our other plans from our website. Just go to and select the plans that fit your preferences and suit your needs.

Use This tiny house plan to build your very own tiny house on wheels...  NO COST With Today’s Order (value $100)

Get The Tiny House Project Manager + 2 free bonuse

For just $8.95

  1. A Digital Copy of the Tiny house project manager.
  2. A Digital Copy of our trailer design guide that we use to build our trailers.
  3. A Digital Copy of a tiny house plan 'Naturo' Designed by Uber Tiny Homes. ($100 value)



You’ll receive The tiny house project manager digital book, A tiny house digital plan and our trailer design guide.

Inside The Tiny House Project Manager book…

                                        This book has 66 pages and covers the following chapters.

1- Introduction- How it all began.

2- Cut out the middle man - No more high charging builder.

3-Get organised like a builder - You will take over the organisation of the project (easy peasy).

 4-Choosing your framing material - Timber, Metal, Or sips panels lets take a look at the pros and cons.

5-Building plans - Custom design or Pre made plans. How to get the most of both.

6-Finding land - I'll show you what has worked the best for my clients.

7-Tiny house trailer - Build it to suit the correct build method and to avoid moisture problems.

8-Hiring and coordinating trades - How to meet , greet and hire your dream tradespeople that will build your tiny house.

9-Sourcing and buying materials - Where to buy and to get reasonable prices.

10-Set up trade accounts - Save money on all your purchases by doing this!

11- Material takeoff - Get your tradespeople to work out how much materials are needed.

12- Windows and doors - What materials and style is best for tiny houses and the best way to order them.

13- You are the foreman - The foreman is the one in charge, although they can delegate the jobs to others! and thats what we will be doing.

14- Job site safety - Your not looking after babies , but make sure these fews things are good.

15- Moisture management - Stop moisture and mould problems but using the correct WRB.

16- Roofing and flashings - Get that roof on ASAP to prevent moisture getting into your building.

17- Electrical rough in - What you need to tell your electrician at the first stage.

18-Plumber - What you need to tell your plumber at the first stage.

19- Insulation - What works the best may not be the best for tiny houses because of the weight!

20- Carpenter - This is the guy that is the star of the show and will make your job easy! 

21- Loft and walkways - Full height walkway or not? It's give and take.

22-Bathroom - Materials and trades needed to build a waterproof bathroom.

23- Toilets - Waterless, compost, minimal flush or incinerator are a few of the options.

24- Painter - The best time for them to come in to avoid problems.

25- Cabinetry - We let you in on a little secret that saves you 60% off the cost of your cabinetry.

26-Bench tops - We let you know the options and when to order.

27- Electrical fit off - When to bring them in and what choices you have on the fixtures.

28- Plumbing fit off - When to bring them in and what choices you have on the taps, sinks , and hot water.

29-Trims and silicone - The finishing touches make all the difference.

30-Finished floor - Do this step at the right time or you will be sorry !

31- Correcting defects - We are all human and make mistakes, but lets fix them and hold people accountable.

32-Delivery - How I move my houses the safest and fully insured way.

33-Set up - Once its delivered what needs to be done?

34- Modular deck - A deck that can be moved but still looks great!

35- Tiny house costs - What are the variables and how to build on budget.

36- Whats next? - Steps you can take to become a project manager.

37- Uber tiny school can help - My online school with detailed video lessons can help even more!

38- More about the author. 

You don't need to have any experience in the construction industry.

Don't be scared!

The construction industry can be pretty intimidating. The truth is, you don't need any experience to get started. Even if you never pick up any tools, or organised tradespeople on a project. Building a tiny house is not the mystery you might believe it to be.

Tiny home building vs residential building

When hiring tradies for your tiny house project, all you need to do is provide the best possible information to bridge the gap between what they know as residential builders and the  tiny house building industry with our Uber build system.

That’s where Uber Tiny Homes can help with this Ebook and our online courses!

My promise

 Our simple promise to you after purchasing this package:

The Tiny house Project Manager is a guide to building a tiny house yourself as a project manager hiring tradies. By using this guide on your next tiny home project, you can absolutely save from 20 to 30% on your build.

Become a Pro builder

If building tiny homes is your career calling, The Tiny House Project Manager will give you an exclusive peek behind the curtain to learn how to succeed as a tiny home builder — and you never have to pick up a single tool yourself.

 Gain insights into the industry

As founder of Uber Tiny Homes, I guarantee you’ll discover new insights and techniques you hadn’t thought about before. This is your exclusive look into the construction industry, including the many tips and tricks learnt from seven years experience in building tiny houses.


If, for ANY reason, you’re not satisfied…

 ...with a quick email to ubertinyho[email protected], we will send you a full refund for your purchase!


This guarantee is good for 365 days.

 In other words, you have ONE FULL YEAR to review the guide and two included bonuses before deciding if the tiny home business is for you.


Everything you’ve read on this page is exactly what you’ll discover inside the book — and more!

If you’re unsatisfied with the book, for any reason, send us an email and we’ll send you a refund. 

This is a 365 day guarantee


That means you have 365 days to go through the book and all the bonuses before you decide if you find it valuable.

What you see on this page is what you’ll discover inside the book.

I guarantee you’ll find it incredibly valuable.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for any reason, let us know so I can send you a refund. This is a 365-day money back guarantee.

Get Your Copy Right Now for Just $8.95

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365 Days money back guarantee!


 Get The Tiny House Project Manager + 2 Bonuses

For Just $8.95

  • A Digital Copy of The Tiny house project manager.
  • A Digital Copy of a Tiny house plan 'Naturo' valued at $100
  • ‚ÄčA Digital Copy of our Trailer design considerations
  • Get everything above for just $8.95



Thanks for taking the time to read this far.


I’ve been building tiny houses since 2017 and started designing tiny houses for people worldwide in 2020.

 In 2021 I launched my online school UBER TINY SCHOOL teaching people how to build using four popular methods.

  • Timber frame
  • Steel frame
  • Sip panel frame
  • Owner builder

 I have generated a wealth of knowledge as one of the first handful of tiny house builders in Australia in which is now a booming industry. I am now sharing that knowledge with all who are interested as well as continuing to run my business Uber Tiny Homes building for the Australian market.

Building your first Tiny home


Learning curve

This is an exciting time as you venture outside of your comfort zone and into new territory.  Like most new things in life there is always a learning curve to navigate in order to achieve desired results.

Uber Tiny School

I also teach people how to build tiny houses from scratch through our online school, Uber Tiny School. Depending on your skill level this is a much bigger learning curve than simply becoming a project manager.

Much Easier

That's why The Tiny House Project Manager and 2 free bonuses are perfect for you. You’ll realise maximum result without ever picking up a single tool. You may not be handy with a hammer, but if you’re good at organising the right tradespeople, this is perfect for you. 

Don't quit your day job yet!

It’s a great side hustle, while working your regular job, or you can decide to become a full-time uber tiny house project manager. It will take some commitment and work, but this book will get you there sooner than if you decided not to buy it.

Or become a pro!

Perhaps, after building your first tiny home, someone will hire you to build one for them. This could be the beginning of an exciting new adventure!

Get The Tiny House Project Manager + 2 free bonuses

For just $8.95

  1. A Digital Copy of the Tiny house project manager.
  2. A Digital Copy of our trailer design guide that we use to build our trailers.
  3. A Digital Copy of a tiny house plan 'Naturo' Designed by Uber Tiny Homes. ($100 value)



You’ll receive The tiny house project manager digital book, A tiny house digital plan and our trailer design guide.