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This house was based of a previous model Yin yang but made to Rv standards (2.5m 8.2') wide. We added a few other variations also just because we couldnt help it really.

The large master loft bedroom can be accessed without crawling with lowered walkways which also lead to the large wardrobe.

A large window faces opposite the bed so you can relax and gaze outside as well as get cross ventilation from another window above.

Down stairs in the bathroom we have a shower, vanity,washing machine and access to the storage under the stairs.

The walkways between loft rooms is 1.8m (5.9') high but you could get your builder to make it higher if you need with minimal changes to the plans.

The U shaped kitchen has a full sized fridge, oven and cooktop. Space for a large sink and a breakfast bench.

Right off the kitchen is the  lounge room which looks out the large front doors and possibly to your deck if you build one!

The second loft has enough room for a queen sized bed and has multiple windows to get  lots of natural sunlight and cross ventilation.

The dimensions of this house are 8.4m (27.5') long plus 600mm (1.96') window box 

2.5m (8.2') wide

3.68m (12.07') high on top of the trailer

Whats included in the plans?

The plans we provide are what we call architectural, meaning they have detailed measurements of the building in order to recreate it.
They do not have engineering or a framing plan because there are multiple different ways to build it like:
1-Steel frame- Send these plans to a steel frame supplier and they will make the framing plans and get it engineered.
2-Timber frame- Join our online school and we will teach you how to build your tiny house from timber.
3-SIP panels- We will have a course available in 2022 documenting how to build with this method, or we can consult with you on how it is done.
4-Give these plans to a builder in your area and they can quote for you and build it from the dimensions.
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