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This house has been designed with the option of adding another tiny house trailer to it. In this design the second trailer serves as a office.

The Main tiny house has a L shaped couch with fire place next to it and the second loft above accessed via a ladder.

The kitchen has a round table at the end of the bench top for dining. Above the kitchen we have a library and meditation loft with clothes cupboard facing the walkway as you enter the main bedroom.

The office tiny house has a gable roof and large feature window at the end to look at while at your desk.

The rest of the office has shelf and storage for clothes , linen and office products.

The bathroom has ample space for a bathtub/shower, toilet and vanity with a door to exit the rear of the tiny house.

The main loft bedroom has a walkway that comes in halfway as the space is utilised for a laundry below.

A optional skylight for stargazing is available.

From the left to the right we have the bathroom then the laundry with washer and dryer then the kitchen past the stairs into the lounge room and fire place.

The dimensions of the main house are 10.3m (33'9") long

3m (9'10") wide

3.7m (12"1") high on top of the trailer


The office is 6m long (19.8ft)

2.5m wide (8.2ft) and 3.5m high (11.5ft)


Whats included in the plans?

The plans we provide are what we call architectural, meaning they have detailed measurements of the building in order to recreate it.
They do not have engineering or a framing plan because there are multiple different ways to build it like:
1-Steel frame- Send these plans to a steel frame supplier and they will make the framing plans and get it engineered.
2-Timber frame- Join our online school and we will teach you how to build your tiny house from timber.
3-SIP panels- We will have a course available in 2022 documenting how to build with this method, or we can consult with you on how it is done.
4-Give these plans to a builder in your area and they can quote for you and build it from the dimensions.
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